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PhD Students

Albert Mestres

Topic: MAC Protocols for Graphene Wireless Communications

Alberto Rodríguez

Topic: Locator/ID Separation Protocol

Sergi Abadal
Awarded with INTEL Student Honor Program

Topic: Graphene Wireless Network-on-Chip

Raül Gomez Cid-Fuentes

Topic: Energy-harvesting in WSN

Florin Coras

Topic: Locator/ID Separation Protocol


Former PhD Students

Ignasi Llátser (Postdoctoral researcher, Vodafone Chair Mobile Communication Systems, Technische Universität Dresden)

Identier On the Scalability Limits of Communication Networks to the Nanoscale (PDF)

Loránd Jakab (Now at Cisco Systems)

Use of Locator/Identier Separation to Improve the Future Internet Routing System (PDF)

Former MSc Students

Alberto Rodríguez

Privacy extensions for LISP-MN (PDF)

Andrea Galvani (Politecnico di Torino)

Topic: Network-based Moblility for the Locator/ID Separation Protocol

Sergi Abadal

Cooperative Signal Amplication for Molecular Communication in Nanonetworks (PDF)

Nora Garralda

Diffusion-based Physical Channel Identication for Molecular Nanonetworks (PDF)

Ignacio Llátser

Exploring the Scalability Limits of Communication Networks at the Nanoscale (PDF)

Florin Coras

Inter-Domain Multicast: Edge Based Trees (PDF)

Iñaki Pascual

N3Sim: Simulator for diffusion-based molecular communications in Nanonetworks (PDF)

Cosmin Cobarzan

Preliminary Implementation of a LISP Map Server (PDF)

Pantaleo Mastrapasqua

Evaluation of video live transmission on P2P and LISP based architecture (PDF)

Florin Coras

CoreSim: A Simulator for Evaluating LISP Mapping Systems (PDF)

Dorin-Mircea Cioran

Measurement-based Comparison of the load of a fHA and a HA (PDF)

Rares Cosma

Measurement-Based Analysis of the Performance of several Wireless Technologies (PDF)

Cristian Mihai

Measurement-based characterization of the load of a Mobile IPv6’s Home Agent (PDF)

Javier Martin i Fernandez

Implementación Avanzada del protocolo Fast Handovers para IPv6

Lluís Calafell i Liebanas

Configuración y evaluación de una plataforma virtual para protocolos de movilidad

Hector Julian Bertomeu

Evaluación de los par·metros de QoS en entornos de movilidad IP

Loránd Jakab

Software Tool for Time Duration Measurements of Handovers in IPv6 Wireless Networks (PDF)

José Núñez-Martínez

Implementación y evaluación de los Fast Handovers para Mobile IPv6