Friman Sánchez Castaño. Ph.D

Friman Sánchez


I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science in 2011 from Computer Architecture Department at the Technical University of Catalonia UPC (Barcelona, Spain) and the MSc degree in Electronic Engineering in 2000 from University of Antioquia, Medellíın, Colombia.

During my PhD studies I was doing research on high performance computing for solving massivelly parallel problems in emerging workloads like bioinformatics field and multimedia applications. Some of my contributions are related to the implementation of several sequence comparison strategies on multi- and many-core systems like CellBE, Clusters, SMP machines and GPUs. I also worked as Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Computer Engineering (FIB) of the same UPC.

My research interests include Parallel Progamming for High-Performance Computing, workload characterization, performance analysis, program optimization using parallel hardware/software methodologies and data sciences. I have experience in performance optimization, workload characterization and parallel programming to solve computational problems in emerging workloads. Also, I have a strong background in microprocessor architectures and microprocessor simulation.

Current work

Currently I am working at Barcelona Supercomputing Center as a senior researcher in the context of the Severo Ochoa Project of Excellence. My main tasks involve the research and development of parallel HW/SW approaches to solve problems related to Computational Genomics field. I develop parallel applications using standard parallel programming models like MPI, OpenMP, pthreads, CUDA for GPUs, and also experimental programming models like OmpSs, COMPSs.

Work Address:

Barcelona Supercomputing Center, BSC-CNS.

Life Science Department, Computational Genomic Group.

Telephone: +34 934 137 603

Nexus II - Planta 1

C/ Jordi Girona, 29

Barcelona 08034


Research activities:

    Research interest: Multi-core and Many-core programming, application optimization using parallel programming models, simulation methodologies, workload characterization, multimedia SIMD extensions, bioinformatics applications.

    Research work and publications.

Participation in some relevant software projects:

I have been participating in the development of several software projects for several fields. Some of them are:

    GWImp-COMPSs: An integrated framework for performing Large-scale Genome-wide Association Studies on parallel computing platforms. I developed the GWImp-COMPSs application to run on Clusters, Grid and Cloud Environments using COMPSs parallel programming model. Currently, this software is being used in several projects at BSC and other institutions. See the GWImp-COMPSs web page.

    SMuFin: A Somatic Mutation Finder tool. Currently I am collaborating with the developer's group of SMuFin in the performance characterization of the application. We are testing several data structures like suffix-tree, suffix-arrays, BWT and FM-indexing in order to improve the performance and reduce the computational requirements of the current version. (memory and execution time). We use MPI and OpenMP and CUDA for GPUs as the next step. See the SMuFin web page.

    ReLA Tool: Software for the prediction of gene regulatory regions. I implemented some C parallel codes of sequence comparison and alignment algorithms based on Smith-Waterman and Needleman-Wunsch algorithms. Parallel implementation included Altivec SIMD extensions for PowerPC and VMX SIMD extensions for Cell B.E processors. Also some Pthreads and MPI versions where developed. See ReLA web page.

    Turandot simulator extension: Implementation of the Altivec SIMD pipeline for the IBM Turandot processor simulator of IBM Power4 microarchitecture. This development was used for carrying out performance analysis and for proposing novel ISA modifications and extensions.

    SIMD parallelization of MediaBench Multimedia Benchmark: I implemented MMX and Altivec SIMD versions of several multimedia applications of MediaBench benchmark: Jpeg compression and decompression, MPEG encoder and decoder, GSM, PGP encryption and ADPCM.

    VHDL implementation and FPGA deployment of Fuzzy Systems: I implemented a high complexity fuzzy controller for appliance applications. I designed and developed a specific architecture for fuzzy rules execution taking into account the efficient use of the limited memory resources of the FPGAs.

Teaching activities at FIB-UPC (in the past):

    Introduccion a los computadores IC-2010-2011, Q1 and Q2.

    Introduccion a los computadores IC-2008-2009, Q1 and Q2.

    Introduccion a los computadores IC-2006-2007, Q1 and Q2.

My complete curriculum in pdf format:

    My complete curriculum vitae in pdf format. (download pdf)

Some activities and Hobbies:

In my leisure time I practice athleticism and hiking. I usually participate in races of 10 or 20 kms. I also enjoy literature on human history and science.

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