Prof. Jordi Domingo-Pascual

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTECH (UPC)

Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors.
Jordi Girona, 1-3. Campus Nord. Mòdul D6.
Barcelona. Catalunya. (Spain).
E-mail:            jordi.domingo [domain:]
Phone:              +34 934016981
Office: UPC Campus Nord.
Building D6. Office 209



Telecommunications Engineer. ETSETB (UPC)

Ph. D. on Computer Science. FIB (UPC)

Full Professor at the Computer Architecture Department (DAC) of the UPC

Co-founder of the Advanced Broadband Communications Centre (CCABA) of the UPC (January 1994). Recognized as Specific Research Centre of the UPC (October 1998)

Founder and leader of the Broadband Communications Systems and Network Architecture Research Group (CBA) (1992)

Management Development Program (IESE) July 2000

Head of the Department (26 May 2005 – 22 June 2011)

Visiting Scholar at University of California in Berkeley (UCB, EECS, COMNET) in the Network Economics Group (October 2011 – August 2012).

Principal Investigator: 2017SGR-1037 (1/2017-12/2019).


IFIP TC6-WG2 Chair “Network and Internetwork Architectures” (1/2013-5/2019) IFIP Digital Library

IFIP Networking Steering Committee (1/2013-6/2020)

UPC representative to the 5G Infrastructure Association  (01/01/2017 - )

ISOC-CAT Chapter Delegate (ISOC Internet Society) (30/07/2015 - )

ISOC-CAT President of ISOC Catalan Chapter (01/03/2020 – 28/02/2022)


Information about the Research Group: CBA

More information and Publications: Scientific Production, Research Group Scientific Production, Department Scientific Production

Personal CV (short)


Teaching Activities

Current Courses

Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering. Computer Networks (XC) 2019-2020.

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI) Computer Networks Architecture and Network Management (FIB, MIRI-CNANM). Fall Semester 2019.

Doctoral School. Cross-Training Courses. Responsible Conduct in Research and Innovation (RCiRI). Fall Semester 2019.

Doctoral School. Cross-Training Courses. Ethics for Engineers, Researchers and Innovators (EthicsERI). Spring Semester 2020. This course was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Past Courses

Responsible Conduct in Research and Innovation (RCiRI). Doctoral School. Cross-Training Courses. Fall Semester 2018, Fall Semester 2017, Spring Semester 2017, Fall Semester 2016, Spring Semester 2016, Fall Semester 2015, Spring Semester 2015.

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI) Computer Networks Architecture and Network Management (FIB, MIRI-CNANM). Fall Semester 2018, Fall Semester 2017.

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI) Future Internet (FIB, MIRI-FINE). Fall Semester 2017.

Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering. Computer Networks (XC)  2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017, 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014.

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI) Computer Networks (FIB, MIRI-CN). Fall semester: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

Computer Networks (FIB, CN) Spring Semester 2013.

Internet Protocols and Multimedia Applications (FIB, PIAM). Fall Semester 2012.

Next Generation Internet (ETSETB IBA). Spring Semester 2010. Distributed Course. Participants: UPC, UPM and UPV.

Next Generation Networks (Master CANS) Fall Semester.

Sustainable Information Technologies (FIB TIS). Optional course for Computer Engineering

The Information Society. Courses 2000-2001 to 2008-2009. Optional course for Computer and Telecommunications Engineering


Research Projects:

ALLIANCE Designing a Knowledge-Defined 5G Network for the Digital Society (TEC2017-90034-C2-1-R, 2018-2020)

SUNSET Sustainable Network Infrastructure Enabling the Future Digital Society (TEC2014-59583-C2-2-R, 2015-2017)

ELASTIC Elastic Networks: Nuevos Paradigmas de Redes Elásticas para un Mundo radicalmente basado en Cloud y Fog Computing. (Red Temática TEC2015-71932-REDT).

NAME Naming and Addressing for Mobility management in ubiquitous Environments (01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014)

EULER Experimental UpdateLess Evolutive Routing (1/10/2010 – 30/9/2013)

LISP Locator/ID Separation Protocol (28/1/2009 – 31/1/2012)

COPERNIC Redes Convergentes y Omnipresentes (Pervasive and Convergent Networking) (1/2010 – 12/2010)

IPv6 Spanish Observatory Observatorio IPv6 (6/2009- 6/2012)

PASITO Plataforma de Análisis de Servicios de Telecomunicacions (Spanish Experimental Testbed) (7/2007 – 12/2008)

CONTENT Content Networks and Services for Home Users. FP6 NoE (6/2006 - 6/2009)

FEDERICA Federated E-infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing network Architectures. FP7

CEPS Provisión de Servicios de red interdominio. TSI2005-07520-C03-02 (12/2005 - 12/2008).

EuQoS End-to-end Quality of Service support over heterogeneous networks. FP6 IP.

ENEXT Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies. FP6 NoE.

SAM Servicios Avanzados con Movilidad. Provisión de calidad de servicio y evaluación de los servicios de red (TIC2002-04531-C04-02) (1/12/2002 - 30/11/2005)

i2CAT Foundation: Internet2 at Catalunya (1999-2000) (2001-2003) (2004-2008).

CARISMA Conexión y acceso a RedIRIS2 mediante anillo óptico multicanal (CICYT TIC2000-0304-P4) (2001-2004)

LONG Laboratories over Next Generation Networks (IST-1999-20293) (2000-2003)

SABA2 Servicios Avanzados para la red académica de Banda Ancha2 (CICYT TEL99-1117) (1999-2001)

MIRA Metodologías para la inspección de tráfico en redes avanzadas (2FD97-2234) (1999-2001)


Cooperation projects:

COST Action IC1304. Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services (ACROSS). (14/11/2013-13/11/2017). Official substitute representative.

COST Action IC0703. Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA): theory, techniques, tools and applications for the future networks (3/2008-3/2012).
Official representative. Vice-Chair of the COST Action.

COST Action 263: Quality of Future Internet Services (QofIS) (1998-2003)
Official representative.

COST Action 264: Enabling Networked Multimedia Group Communication (1998-2002)
Official representative.

COST Action 237: Multimedia Telecommunications Services (1996-1998)
Official representative.