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Marc Ruiz received the M.Sc. degree in Statistics and Operations Research in 2009 from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). In 2009 he joined the Advanced Broadband Communications Center (CCABA) to start his pre-doctoral research, receiving the PhD degree (with honors) in Computer Science in 2012 from the Computers Architecture Department (DAC) at UPC.


Ph. D. Thesis

He is currently working as a post doctoral researcher with the CCABA. His research interests include optimization and data analytics for next generation 5G networks.

He has developed part of his work in the framework of past FP-7 European research projects such as DICONET, STRONGEST, IDEALIST, and G√ČANT. Currently, he is working on the H2020 5G-PPP METRO-HAUL project, covering several topics on network planning and data analytics for metro optical networks. Moreover, he has participated in various national funded projects.

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