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Overview of the tool
Rbminer is a tool for the mining of Petri nets from a behavior described as a transition system. It is based on the theory of (generalized) regions. More specifically, it builds a basis of regions, so that any region in the system can be expressed as a linear combination of the regions in the basis. Then it partially explores space of the linear combinations seeking for minimal regions. The level of exploration is user-defined, and for many examples a coarse search produces relevant results.

The input of the tool is a transition system (encoded in SIS format for state graphs). The output is a Petri net in Petrify format whose reachability graph has a language that is a superset of the input behavior.

The following user's manual describes the usage of the tool.

Getting the tool
The Linux binaries of the tool can be obtained here.

Related publications
Marc Solé, Josep Carmona: Rbminer: a Tool for Discovering Petri Nets from Transition Systems. ATVA 2010: 396-402.
Marc Solé, Josep Carmona: Process Mining from a Basis of State Regions. Petri Nets 2010: 226-245.

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