Manuel Medina

Login name      : medina 
Organisation    : UPC - Univers. Polit. Catalunya 
Phone number    : +34-3-401 6984 
Fax number      : +34-3-401 7055 
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Postal address

UPC - Univers. Polit. Catalunya 
Computer Architecture Dept. 
Jodi Girona Salgado, 1, Mod. D6.207 
 E-08034 -  Barcelona  (Spain)

Areas of expertise

Professor of Computers and Internet Security
Head of esCERT: Spanish Computer Emergency Response Team
Technical manager of DEDICA project (Telematic Enginr.)
        Distributed EDI Certification Authority
Member of ICE-TEL project (Telematic Education)
        Infrastructure for Certification Authority in Europe
Member of  PITA (Public-key Infrastructure with Time-Stamping Authority)
        project, belonging to the Infosec/ETS (European Trusted Services)

Courses & Conferences

Computer and Internet Security:     Delitos en Internet
                                                     Autoridad de Certificación
Electronic Commerce:  Security tools for Electronic Commerce

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