Dr. Angélica Reyes

Angelica Reyes is a computer science scientist who is passionate about data science, human-computer interaction, autonomous vehicles, creative science and artificial intelligence with over 20 years of experience in research, innovation and academic environments.

Her knowledge and experience of more than 20 years has been gained from her position of full-time associate professor of Computer Architecture Department at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) where she is a member of the ICARUS research group. She teaches at the Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering. Angelica is also a visiting professor of the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering department of the University of Essex in the U.K., director of the Creative Science Foundation and member of the Intelligent Connected Societies Group . In addition, she founded the network of Mexican talents abroad and she is member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico. She has partnered in several projects with the National Advanced Computing laboratory of Mexico, the University of Veracruz and the University of Colima. Angelica also collaborate with researchers in the network of NEC I+D laboratories at Heidelberg in Germany. In undertaking these collaborations and projects, she has published more than 50 papers in international scientific journals and conferences. Finally, Angelica is a member of several scientific committees for international conferences together with serving as editor of various scientific journals.


Scientific production

Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering. Edificio C4. Despacho 011.  Esteve Terradas, 7. Castelldefels 08860. Barcelona, Spain

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